Candidates’ social media

After a few requests I’ve updated my 2014 candidates list to include a social media link for each candidate.

You might notice that the number of candidates with links is rather small – this is because I’ve chosen to only link to candidates Facebook pages. If they have a private Facebook profile, I have not linked to that.

I’ve chosen just link to Facebook pages for a few reasons. Mainly because they are the best overall source of information about candidates and what they’re up to. The number of candidates with good, well maintain webpages is so low that wasn’t worth bothering with, and while there are a number of MPs who use Twitter well, it’s not a particularly useful source of information about them.

It’s pretty astounding that in 2014 there are still some very seasoned politicians out there that have such a fragile grasp of social media that they’re using a private Facebook profile to communicate with the public.

I was impressed with how many of the Labour candidates had Facebook pages. Unfortunately that seems a lot less impressive when you see the content. The party’s style guide seems to have been thrown out the window and there is very little consistency.¬†At the very least Labour HQ would be well served to get in touch with their candidates, supply them with a properly branded cover photo – such as the “I’m in for Labour” one and have it link to the action page on the Labour website in its caption. It’s pretty basic brand consistency and ties all candidates into the main campaign sign up portal.

While far fewer of National’s candidates seem to have figured out the basics of Facebook, those that have done so are using it really well. A number of their senior ministers, such as Judith Collins, have excellent Facebook pages.

The thing that surprised me the most however, was that none of the Green MPs have Facebook pages. Now I realise they use their official party Facebook page quite extensively, but I would have thought they would have made it a lot more easy to interact with their individual MPs.

If you have any further details about candidates that have been selected, or Facebook pages I’ve missed off my list, please either email me on or contact me via Twitter on @progressreport.