Mail fail

A colleague of mine received his drivers license renewal from VicRoads today. He was also lucky enough to also get some handy hints from Victoria’s highway department on the risks that rubella could have to his unborn child, should he be pregnant.

Rather odd advice from a department that does know he is a man and therefore unlikely to be the target audience for their “special message to all women”.

If you have data, use it. Give this guy a special message about how he needs to clean up the McDonalds wrappers from his car floor (okay, they might not have that data. I’m happy to provide it though).


The importance of accurate data, part 2

Sadly, this is a lot more tragic than the letter addressed to an ‘Unknown Asian’. Via BoingBoing

Officemax sent junkmail to Mike Seay at his address in Lindenhurst, IL, with the notation “Daughter Killed In Car Crash” under his name. Seay’s 17 year old daughter was killed in a crash last year. Officemax says it bought Seay’s name from a marketing company, and implies that the company had made the notation in its list. It’s not clear what marketing purpose this information was intended for (is there a sub-list for “bereaved parents” that’s rented out to grief counselors looking for business?) or whether this was a one-off in a data-entry department.


The importance of accurate data



New York emergency services sent out a demand for payment addressed only to “unknown Asian” after workers filled in sketchy patient information for a $868 ($US784) ambulance ride.

The bill was sent to the vaguely described individual at The New School’s 2 W13th St building, leaving staffers scratching their heads after the bill was delivered there Tuesday.

“I hesitated to open it but then I was like, ‘Well, I could be an unknown Asian,'” said Christine Ahn, 29, who works in the dean’s office at Parsons The New School for Design.