Forthcoming Auckland & Wellington Lectures – Feb 28th

Global Environmental Trends & New Zealand’s Future

Global environmental trends will affect New Zealand’s future. In his forthcoming lecture to the Fabian Society, Rick Boven of the New Zealand Institute will summarise the high-level trends, identify implications for New Zealand, explain obstacles to an effective response and propose strategic priorities to reduce risks and take advantage of opportunities. Responsibilities and how to act will be presented for businesses, individuals, Government and NGOs.

This free Auckland lecture is on 28 February at 6pm in the Owen Glenn Building, University of Auckland, and you can register here.


The Important Thing About Income Inequality is What You Do about it – Exploring the Path to Reducing Income Inequality in Aotearoa New Zealand

While the tents of the Occupy protesters may be moved on, the issues of income inequality will not be pushed to one side so easily. The backdrop of massive international social and economic disparities shape the context for the particular challenges we face in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English has said that the important thing about income inequality is what we actually do about it. This lecture looks at our current situation and asks – what (if anything) is being done about inequality right now and what more we could do. Can we find a path to a social and political consensus on income inequality and what might that path look like?

Paul Barber of the NZCSS will address this question in a free Wellington lecture on February 28th at 5.30pm in Connolly Hall, Guildford Tce. You can register here.